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to REGAIN the lost energy of your youth

What ORGANIC green superfood can help make you 10 times healthier than you are now?
BEAUTIFUL BARLEY—nature’s way to NOURISH… CLEANSE… REPAIR… and REJUVENATE your entire body no matter what your current age or physical condition.

I cannot believe my total body makeover! … I can even sleep
without my CPAP machine. I’m 100% for BEAUTIFUL BARLEY. Keep up the good work.”

—Darlene Duncan, Hayneville, AL

It gave Darlene NEW life! It’ll do the same for you or it’s FREE!

  • Digestion problem … GONE!
  • Energy level … UP! UP!! UP!!!
  • Weight … SLIMMING DOWN!
  • Skin … IMPROVED!

All thanks to the ORGANIC solution that works!

What can be found at the top of Dr. Oz’s list of superfoods? Barley grass.
And it’s easy to see why. Organic barley grass boasts:


30 times more vitamin B1 and 11 times the amount of calcium in milk.

7 times the vitamin C in oranges.

More than 6 times the carotene in carrots.

5 times the iron content of spinach.

4 times the vitamin B1 found in whole wheat flower.

Plus organic barley grass is very high in organic sodium (not to be confused with table salt that increases blood pressure) and up to 1,000 essential enzymes—all necessary for good digestion. What’s more, organic barley grass is rich in SOD (superoxide dismutase), a powerful antioxidant for disease protection.

BEAUTIFUL BARLEY is also fortified with blood-building alfalfa … beet for the ultimate liver protection … spinach for cellular repair … and immune-boosting chlorella.

It’s the ultimate source of nutrients to NOURISH, CLEANSE,
REPAIR, and REJUVENATE every cell in your body.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. Before your take any supplement, please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional to determine if it is
appropriate for you. A testimonial reflects the personal experience of one person. Individual results may very. Your results may be even better!
To protect customer privacy, actual likenesses were not used.

Organic Beautiful Barley
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The world’s best FAST FOOD!
(And one that’s oh-so-good for you because it’s ORGANIC!)


“I was AMAZED!”

Rachel Ebersol of Marshall, IN always thought she was pretty healthy. But she didn’t know what healthy was until she tried organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY! In no time at all her energy level was up and she was finally able to control her appetite because she wasn’t hungry all the time. Her nagging headaches were almost gone and she no longer needed her eyeglasses. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY that made her feel so much better because she wasn’t taking anything else! She liked what organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY did for her so much that she got her sister and her husband to try it as well. “We certainly don’t like to be without it. Thanks for all you’re doing and may God Bless you.”



If you had to, you could live just fine on BEAUTIFUL BARLEY™ alone because it contains ALL the enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and protein you need—ALL IN ONE TABLET. Best of all, BEAUTIFUL BARLEY can…

Fix your health FAST by getting rid of acid waste!

Most of what we eat in America is acid-forming. All processed and junk foods, as well as all animal protein products, deposit acid in the blood, muscles, organs, and tissues of your body. This acid build-up contributes to digestive complaints, daily fatigue, flabbiness, organ overload, and inflammation. It all results in premature aging and susceptibility to disease.

The ultimate disease protection!

When your body is overly acidic, you become vulnerable to germs, yeast, bacteria, molds, and fungi. These harmful microorganisms thrive only in acidity. Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY can help infuse your body with the alkaline food it truly needs— without a dramatic shift in your diet—to defend your body from these disease-causing invaders.

Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY is the key to unlock the vibrant health that has eluded you all these years.




You’d have to eat all this just to get the essential alkaline nutrients in 4 tablets of organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY!














Robust health begins with good digestion
and good digestion begins with organic

When you fully digest your food, your body’s own natural cell-building
and healing triggers are released. Unfortunately, many Americans
don’t get the full nutrient value from the foods they eat because
they are often not fully digested and absorbed.

Barley grass is one of the easiest foods to digest because it is
loaded with about a thousand different enzymes that also help
you digest the other foods you eat.

Enzymes are the necessary regulators of the body.

Without them our cells could not function. Therefore, it is
crucial for you to ingest adequate enzymes on a daily basis.
If you don’t, then your digestion and health will suffer.

Unfortunately, we don’t get all the enzymes we need
from the cooked, sugary, salted and over-processed foods
we eat. If your body has to use its own enzymes for the
digestion of nutrient and enzyme depleted food, those enzymes
will be robbed from the other organs. This theft weakens them
and makes them more susceptible to diseases. The body is then
prone to accelerated aging and opens the door for allergic reactions
that cause inflammation. If this enzyme depletion cycle continues, it
can set you up for more serious health problems in the future.

But something wonderful happens when you make organic
BEAUTIFUL BARLEY a part of your daily routine. You start
to digest and use all your food. Your elimination improves and
your overall health takes a giant leap forward.

Are you ready to end your digestive problems for good? These folks did!



“What a relief. I have suffered chronic constipation all of my life. After taking BEAUTIFUL BARLEY (which I call ‘Heavenly Barley’) for about 1 week, I began to have normal bowel movements for the first time in my life, no straining, just a heavenly peaceful feeling. Thank you so much.”
—Phyllis H., Aitkin, MN


“My handicapped son had terrible problems with severe indigestion. When taking BEAUTIFUL BARLEY, the symptoms disappear. Thank you.”
—Marti P., West Memphis, AR

“Beautiful is a good name for your barley. It works beautiful in my system. BEAUTIFUL BARLEY really helped my bowel movements, made me regular, cured my IBS.”
—Roy Churan, Las Vegas, NV

“I had problems with gastric reflux and acid stomach. For many years I have used over-the-counter antacids and prescription antacids. Neither were satisfactory— particularly for long-term use. BEAUTIFUL BARLEY is fabulous. I’ve cut prescription med usage by half and have nighttime gastric reflux almost never. It’s a really good product.”
—Bill W., Seattle, WA


Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!

When you improve your digestion,
you lose the flab!

BEAUTIFUL BARLEY—the organic way to break the weight gain cycle!

Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY™ provides much-needed nourishment and improves digestion. But that’s not all. The superfood ingredients literally carry off the acids that lead to fat storage and flush them out through your kidneys. Flush these acids on a daily basis and your body will easily, naturally, and safely …

Release fat and water weight in the shortest time possible and enable you to keep it off!

Putting alkalinity back into your body with the help of organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY will neutralize your daily acid production and help your body stay lean and well-toned. Almost overnight, you’ll feel lighter, tighter and in better balance. What’s more, a high alkaline balance is YOUR BODY’S FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST FATIGUE, ILLNESS AND DISEASE. That’s because a sagging, rundown, overweight body is one that’s ripe for illness. A slim, energized body is better equipped to fight off every virus that comes its way and more often than not, WIN!

20 unsightly pounds GONE in just 3 months!

“My husband and I are both using it and are very pleased… It helps to control cravings and therefore has enabled us to drop some weight. My 71-year-old husband has been a Type 1 diabetic for 56 years and weight issues plagued him. He’s dropped 20 pounds in 3 months with the help of BEAUTIFUL BARLEY. We’re delighted! We’re telling all our friends and family!”

Cut your calorie intake by 33% without even trying!

Just 4 tablets of organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY a day gives you MORE vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and protein than the typical American meal and helps curb your appetite. You eat less, get MORE nourishment, and shed the stubborn weight you’ve been trying to lose for years. Find that hard to believe? Just try BEAUTIFUL BARLEY yourself—risk-free. If it doesn’t give you the nourishment you need and help you lose weight at the same time, simply send back the unused portion for a 100% refund.

Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!



head-to-toe organic
body cleanse

helps flush the “bad stuff”
from your system

Cleansing is very popular right now but who wants to endure the
discomfort of an enema or poop out a deluge of nutrients that your
body needs to function? That’s not cleansing. It’s purging and can
do more harm than good.

If you really want to cleanse your body, you must organically
eliminate the acid waste that’s choking off the oxygen supply in
your blood and restore the pH balance.

Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY offers you a complete,
head-to-toe cleanse that will surprise and delight you. You won’t
believe how vibrant you’ll feel. You’ll be in such top form that you
may find that you don’t have to frequent the doctor’s office nearly
as much.

Thousands of men and women all over America have already experienced the five biological
cleansing factors of organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY™. Now it’s your turn to experience big changes in your health.


Your liver is your body’s essential filter. Without it, you would literally be poisoned to death. BEAUTIFUL BARLEY organically helps your liver rid your body of acid waste and toxins that can lead to disease, pain, stiffness, and a loss of flexibility. The result? You’ll stay strong and healthy despite living in a toxic world.


The Standard American Diet (SAD) wreaks havoc on your digestive tract. It can cause waste to accumulate in your colon and become compacted. Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY helps scrub your intestinal tract, infuse your body with digestive enzymes and keep impacted fecal matter from plugging up your colon.


Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY helps turn sluggish blood into a fountain of vitality. It not only helps rid your blood of choking acid residue but it also helps replenish red blood cells, keep blood cells from clumping together, and improve overall circulation. The secret to a “second youth” is young blood. That’s what you get with BEAUTIFUL BARLEY.


Those unsightly jowls, love handles, pot bellies, thunder thighs, and rhino rears are all a result of accumulated fats that are stored by your body to be used as future fuels. The trouble is they never seem to get burned up and become repositories for deadly toxins. Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY helps flush the fat safely, naturally, and easily.


No one wants to be embarrassed by bad breath and unpleasant body odor. Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY is a powerful anti-bacterial agent that helps protect your body inside and out. As a result, it not only helps stave off infection but helps deodorize your body from within. People who use it simply smell SWEET!

A “POWER CLEANSE” that really works!

“I have done liver cleanses for years, also gall bladder. I was intrigued by the words “power cleanse” so I decided to make a change to your BEAUTIFUL BARLEY. By the second bottle, I noticed the darkness around the eyes was fading, which has never happened. I know this darkness was from my liver … [BEAUTIFUL BARLEY] is a deeper cleansing in my liver and my body.”

—Judy D., Placerville, CA


Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!

Oxygenated sunshine
zaps toxins FAST!

Organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY™ contains
one of the most amazing, alkalizing nutrients
on the planet: chlorophyll. Because chlorophyll
is literally a sponge for the life-giving power of
sun, you can think of it as “oxygenated sunshine.”
This green “sunshine” is one of the earth’s most
potent, natural detoxifiers. It can rid your body of
stored toxins in three powerful and immediate ways:

  • Purifying: Chlorophyll is a natural antiseptic with
    anti-bacterial effect on wounds, and has an anti-yeast
    effect in the digestive tract, helping with Candida challenges.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Chlorophyll assists in reducing inflammation.
    It can be used to help counteract the effects of joint pain, stomach
    ulcers, colitis, sore throats, and other inflammatory conditions
    caused by the build-up of acid waste.
  • Fortifying: Chlorophyll builds blood, promotes healthy intestinal flora, and assists in liver cleansing.

Sure, you don’t have to get chlorophyll through barley grass. You can find it in dark green leafy vegetables. But the question is: How many servings of spinach, kale, collards, turnip, and beet greens do you eat everyday? The answer is: Most people rarely eat these life-saving, health-restoring foods. But isn’t it good to know that you can get all the “oxygenated sunshine” your body craves in just four tablets of organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY?

The Army’s secret weapon against
toxicity can now be yours!

U.S. Army

The U. S. Armed Forces have spent millions researching ways to protect our servicemen and women from deadly chemical and nuclear weapons. A recent U. S. Army study revealed that a chlorophyll-rich diet DOUBLED the life-span of animals exposed to lethal radiation. So superfoods such as organic barley grass are being considered by the Army as a dietary shield against some chemical weapons.

If the Army thinks that barley grass can help save the lives of its soldiers, can you imagine how organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY can help protect you from the toxins you encounter in everyday life— everything from factory and automobile emissions to the chemicals leeching from plastics and carpets in your home.

When you use BEAUTIFUL BARLEY on a daily basis, you are fortifying your body with an organic shield that can help protect you from toxic hazards that can make you ill and shorten your life.

or it’s FREE!

Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!


BEAUTIFUL BARLEY—the organic fix for muscle and joint problems!

If you’re like most people your age, you’re plagued by muscle aches and tightness … joint pain and stiffness … and swelling after strenuous activity. You long for your younger years when you could go… go… go and recover in the blink of an eye. Don’t think for a minute that you can’t go back. YOU CAN! It isn’t necessarily old age that’s tripping you up and bringing you down. It’s all that acid waste and toxicity that’s making you old before your time.

To live pain-free your body needs to make some necessary repairs. And organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY can help!

Some of the strongest animals in the world, the gorilla and elephant, for example, don’t eat meat. They eat grasses and other green plants. From their ankles to their necks, they have strong bones and muscles. No, you don’t have to give up meat. But you should counter the beef you eat with the alkalizing power of BEAUTIFUL BARLEY. It helps prevent acid from settling in your bones and muscles and flushes it from your body. Then it assists your body’s natural repair capabilities with the nutritional support necessary to revitalize your skeletal-muscular system and keep you youthfully fit despite your advancing years.

BEAUTIFUL BARLEY is high in organic sodium, and organic sodium (unlike the sodium chloride from a salt shaker) helps stave off inflammation … reduce swelling … improve flexibility… and relieve pain—all WITHOUT increasing blood pressure.

People with arthritis have used celery juice because it’s high in organic sodium, but get this:

Organic barley grass is 27 times MORE rich in organic sodium than celery and works quickly to reduce the pain associated with calcified joints and muscle stiffness.

Organic Beautiful Barley

Just about everything in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with sodium chloride—table SALT! This is really bad for your health. On the other hand, the organic sodium found in BEAUTIFUL BARLEY is one of the best things you can do for your health. Try it and you’ll see a lasting difference that will make you say: “I should have tried BEAUTIFUL BARLEY

No More Pain!

“BEAUTIFUL BARLEY has relieved the pain in my knees and hips. I was so uncomfortable before and it really hurt when I was trying to get out of a chair. Now I have no pain when I get up. Thank you so much.”

—Carol Robinson, Cadillac, MI

No More Stiffness!

“I am 79 years of age. Since using your BEAUTIFUL
BARLEY, I do not have stiffness of body—am so
much more limber …”

— Lafayette F., Hartsville, SC

Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!

New hope for arthritis sufferers— organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY!

John Kulesa, Chesaning, MI


Arthritis inflammation is GONE & no longer limping!

“About 6 months ago my right hip began to ache. An X-ray showed it was arthritis. I continued to walk, but with a limp. Then one day I received a brochure that dealt with BEAUTIFUL BARLEY. I’m on my third bottle and am happy to say the inflammation is gone and I’m no longer limping. I’m resolved to “walk the walk” with BEAUTIFUL BARLEY.” —John Kulesa, Chesaning, MI


John Kulesa, Chesaning, MI


Very mobile and without PAIN!

“I can honestly say that since I’ve been taking the BEAUTIFUL BARLEY I really have more energy. I will be 70 my next birthday, have osteoarthritis but I am very mobile and without pain. Also, I’ve been able to cut the doctor’s pills exactly in half and hopefully be able to cut them down to 3x a week as they are anti-inflammatory…” —Helen Krieter, Falmouth, VA


BEAUTIFUL BARLEY provides the organic nutrients necessary to restore skin— your body’s largest detoxifying organ— to its YOUTHFUL BEST!!


One of the sure signs that your body is not getting the proper nutrients is when there are problems with your skin. Dry flakiness … wrinkles … adult onset acne … and rosacea are all indications that your body’s largest organ needs some tender, loving care. That’s where BEAUTIFUL BARLEY can help. By restoring your body to its optimum alkaline state, it can help you overcome chronic skin conditions that mar your appearance. It can even help stimulate hair growth and retard hair loss.


“Since starting with BEAUTIFUL BARLEY… my cold sores and skin rash around my mouth have been cured.”
—Christina Y., Unity, WI

“Kenneth Janes “was having a skin problem called Rosacea on his nose all the time. He was taking so many antibiotics, I was beginning to get worried. He’s not bothered anymore. I know it was the BEAUTIFUL BARLEY. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”
—Sandra Janes, Columbia, KY

“I noticed that my skin texture has become
better and tighter. Also, old dry patches have started to heal.”
—William Vaughn, Silver Spring, MD


“Since using BEAUTIFUL BARLEY I feel better and my skin looks better… I’m going to order some for my husband.”

—Anna A., Elkview, WI

Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!


BEAUTIFUL BARLEY takes you off the sidelines and gives you the energy you need to live life to its fullest!

Too pooped to participate? Then that’s a sure sign that acid overload is slowing you down. Just like a rusty old car that’s lost its get-up-and-go, your body just “ain’t what it used to be.” But don’t resign yourself to the junk heap just yet. BEAUTIFUL BARLEY can fuel your body with organic goodness that translates into more energy and vitality than you’ve had in years.

Revitalize your energy with organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY!

As you’ve already learned on the previous pages, your body thrives in an alkaline environment but flounders when it’s overloaded with acid. The gap between these extremes generates most common health problems—including fatigue.

Daily energy demands, stress, and even exercise, all form acid and the more you demand from your body, the more acid you produce. And what you eat can also produce acid. Sinful pleasures like a hamburger, milk shake, cup of coffee, or a glass of wine can cause increased acid production.

When your body’s pH is in the acid range, (below 7.0) it retains water to dilute the acidity and stores fat in the arteries as protection from the acid blood. Your body then craves sugar, salt and fat. When those cravings begin, your blood sugar balance is impaired and your energy greatly diminishes. You feel run down because your cells are run down. So what do you do? You eat more empty-calorie foods and the vicious cycle continues.

Now you can break the cycle of fatigue the organic way with alkalizing BEAUTIFUL BARLEY— and turbocharge your energy!

Want MORE energy?
Then do what these folks did.

Turn to the natural rejuvenating power of organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY


Ruth D., Melrose Park, IL


“BEAUTIFUL BARLEY definitely does give me more energy—a great mid-afternoon pick up!”
—Ruth D., Melrose Park, IL

Addie Hertz, Pleasant Plains, AR

“After taking your product BEAUTIFUL BARLEY for 1 week, I could tell a big difference in my energy level. I don’t get as tired as I used to. It has made a big difference in the way I feel. It’s a great product for me.”
—Addie Hertz, Pleasant Plains, AR

Samera Sammons, Walnut Grove, MN

“I was off work for awhile and it was really hard going back to work. I really think BEAUTIFUL BARLEY gave me that extra push I needed.”
—Samera Sammons, Walnut Grove, MN




Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!

What kind of energy surge can you expect from organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY? More than enough to...

What kind of energy surge can you expect from organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY? More than enough to...

No naps for you! BEAUTIFUL BARLEY helps restore your get-up-and-go at any age.
Now that’s some kind of rejuvenation!


“I recently purchased BEAUTIFUL BARLEY. After just about 10 days I noticed this healthy cap was helping my energy to increase … I am 71 years old and I am happy to have a good source of natural products available by mail. We maintain a garden for fresh veggies and I’m glad that I can still spend hours at a time outdoors! I feel great …”
—Alexandra S., Ukiah, CA


“I am 80 years old. I have been using BEAUTIFUL BARLEY for about 3 months and I must say it gives me lots of energy for someone my age. Combined with a good diet, I have all the energy I need for a full day.” —Leonard R., Bloomington, IN


or it’s FREE!

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Organic Beautiful Barley
Try organic Beautiful Barley Risk Free! Order Now!

It works or it’s FREE

Try organic BEAUTIFUL BARLEY, nature’s way to NOURISH… CLEANSE… REPAIR… and REJUVENATE your body for lifelong health and vitality. It is guaranteed to help you…

  • IMPROVE your digestion and nutrient absorption
  • CURB your appetite for empty-calorie foods
  • ELIMINATE compacted fecal material in your colon
  • RID your body of toxins and acid waste
  • DROP fat safely in the shortest time possible
  • RELIEVE joint and muscle pain
  • REDUCE inflammation
  • ENJOY healthy glowing skin
  • LOWER cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure
  • BALANCE blood sugar
  • STRENGTHEN immune response
  • ENERGIZE your entire body all day, every day
  • SPEED your body’s natural healing processes

… or it’s FREE!

If BEAUTIFUL BARLEY doesn’t do all this and more, simply return the unused portion of your order, or even an empty bottle, to receive a full and prompt refund (minus any shipping). The only thing you stand to lose are all the health issues keeping you down and making you old before your time.

Call 1-800-218-1379 or order below!


Yes! I’m ready to NOURISH… CLEANSE… REPAIR… and REJUVENATE my body the organic way. Please rush me my BEAUTIFUL BARLEY risk-free. It will improve my health in countless ways or it’s FREE!


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